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Steamboat Springs, CO


No One Bike Is The Same. Everything Is Custom Built


Custom Titanium Bikes Built One At A Time

Custom Made Titanium Bikes
Handbuilt in Steamboat Springs, CO.

We create all kinds of bikes. Gravel, road, mountain, cross, fat, tandem, commuters, and everything in between. Bingham Built frames are made solely in our shop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA. Our frames are crafted from the bottom up, one at a time, and specifically designed for each rider. Since our bikes are not mass or batch produced, we don’t carry stock sizes or have specific models. We don’t have marketing campaigns or a sales team either. We’re just a small group of people on a mission to create the best performing, highest quality, hand built titanium bikes available.


Brad’s passion for bicycles extends far beyond the design, welding, and build process.

The Process

We sell our frames and complete bikes directly to the customer. Everything is custom.


Made to fit you and your adventure. Built for your riding style. Learn how to order.

We’re passionate about the bike building process as well as riding bikes and know from decades of experience what it takes to create the best possible rider experience. The most valuable things to our business are taking the time to get to know each client, precision design, meticulous construction, award winning welding, high quality materials, rider experience, and relationships with our clients.

Featured Builds

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