Cross Season Is Here


We decided to team up with Bjorn Sealander this year for cross season. Bjorn’s Dad knows Kent Eriksen through various connections in our small industry and Bjorn reached out to us back in August seeking support for the upcoming season. He was off the circuit for the past few seasons due to an injury, but wanted to get back into the scene as an independent athlete this year. When I told him about our new brand Bingham Built, he was super excited and wanted to be the first to race our bikes and promote our brand.

Bjorn has some very impressive results on the road as well as in cyclocross. He’s been on the United States National Team as well as a few Professional teams including Team Radioshack and Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies. All these things are great, but more importantly he’s just a solid person with a great attitude, great energy, and we’re stoked to be supporting him and his cyclocross endeavors! I’ll be posting more about how his season is going in the coming weeks and months.

Here’s a little something Bjorn had to say about his new ride:

“First off, through my 10 years as a professional cyclist I have never had a custom bicycle frame. Creating my Titanium BUILT is an experience i would highly recommend to anyone interested in a custom bicycle, or any bicycle really. Brad was super fun to work with and together we designed an incredible machine! When I jumped on it for my first initial ride, immediately i thought’ “This feels like MY bike!” It fit like a glove and i had not even adjusted my seat height yet. It gave me the feeling of joy and freedom when i was kid riding around town on my bmx bike.

Next was really testing it and seeing how it would hold up. I am extremely hard on my things, not on purpose, it is just how i am. Two words, “Bomb proof!” BUILT is such strong name and perfect for these bikes because they are so solid. I have yet to even make a dent. Racing the UCI Elite Cyclocross circuit I have been able to test the amazing handling and structure on some very technical courses. The bike feels very balanced with where the weight is distributed. The front end feels light and easy to maneuver through S-turns and tricky descents. When you put the hammer down the super stiff bottom bracket and rear end don’t waste any of your power! One more quality that really struck me is how It absorbs bumpy and gravel terrain like a boss!

You can really feel the passion and love Brad welds into his frames. They are truly beautiful works of art that ignite ambition to do amazing things, and the best part….. is that i can hand it down to my grandchildren some day.”

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