How much does a new bike cost?

All bikes are custom and therefore prices vary a lot. Frame alone prices start at $3500 for a quick release (rim brake) road frame, $4200 for a gravel, allroad, or hardtail MTB, $4400 for a fatbike, $4400 adventure frame (think Tour Divide), and $9000 for a tandem frame. Most frames will have some customizations or additional weld-ons which require more time and focus. As we customize the frame with things like internal routing for a hydraulic brake hose or Di2 wires, extra bottle mounts, rack mounts, fender mounts, couplers, fancy finish options, or other things, the price increases. Customization options are not in attempt to ‘nickel and dime’ our clients – they take more time and and focus to be completed appropriately with precision and are an important part of creating a custom bike. A complete bike can be anywhere from $9,000 – $14,000 and up depending on component choices and customizations. A complete Tandem bike is usually $18,000 and up. A frameset (gravel or allroad) including fork and headset is probably in the $5200 ballpark depending on customizations. Feel free to reach out and ask for a ballpark estimate for the kind of bike you’re interested in.

We provide a customized, detailed estimate for your approval as we begin the ordering process and get to know what components you prefer and will suit your bike the best.

Should I get a fit before you build my bike?

It depends. Usually it’s not necessary and Brad can nail the fit using information and measurements we gather from you. If you have discomfort while riding, old injuries causing pain, physical limitations, or you just want to get a fit, it can be very helpful. If you choose to get a bike fit, it is imperative you do some research to find a qualified and experienced fitter in your area. If you’re near the Bay area CA, Asheville NC, Boulder CO, or Steamboat Springs CO, we can recommend a qualified fitter.

Do you build bikes with UDH compatible dropouts?

Yes. Currently it does not come standard on our frames but is an option for an additional $300. This is a relatively new technology so a lot of R&D went into making UDH compatible dropouts, hence the additional cost. Sorry we cannot add UDH dropouts to any existing frame.

Should I get a complete build or frame or frameset?

We offer frame only, framesets, complete builds, or any combination. If you want a bike that’s ready to ride upon delivery, then go for a complete build. If you are mechanically inclined and prefer to build up your own bike using your own purchased components, that’s awesome, get a frame alone or frameset. If you’d like to work with a bike shop to build up the bike or swap components from an older bike, see the next question.

Can I work with my local bike shop to build up my Bingham Built Frame? Or can I send you components to build up my frame?

Yes you can work with your bike shop to build up your Bingham Built frame. We will chat with the bike shop early in the process to make sure everyone is on the same page. We prefer that you do not ship us your own components to build up your bike, used or new. Maybe you can get a better deal on certain components – we understand, and hope you understand that we are a small business and purchase components very selectively per client and thus cannot provide the same discounts you see at large retailers. It is worth it to leave parts purchasing up to us – the process will go a lot smoother, promise. This way we can be sure all the correct components are purchased and if there are any issues, we take care of it. If you’d like to build your frame up using components from another bike, feel free to do that if you’re mechanically inclined or work with a local bike shop.

Do you offer butted tubing?

No. We believe straight gauge tubing is the best option for most riders. Considering limited sizes of high quality butted tubing available there would most likely be compromises in construction of the frame and ride quality if we used butted tubing, among other reasons but we won’t go down the rabbit hole here right now. If you have questions about this feel free to get in touch and ask.

How do I replace old decals with new ones?

If your decals are worn or peeling off over time, we sell replacement decals on the Bingham Built webstore. You can remove the old ones by simply peeling off the old decal. Most likely it will leave some adhesive residue that can be easily removed with a small amount of acetone or paint thinner in a well-ventilated area. A final wipe with acetone will prepare the surface for the new decals.

Do you offer any custom finishes like paint or anodizing?

We offer some different finish options in-house – bead blast, brushed, etched logos, different color decals. We don’t paint or anodize in-house. If you’d like a custom paint or anodized finish we’d send the frame to one of our amazing partners and they’d work with you to get the custom bike artwork you’re looking for.

Can you modify or repair an existing titanium frame I have? (not Eriksen or Bingham Built)

No. We do not modify or repair any bikes besides our own.

Will you sponsor me or my team?

Due to the nature of our very small business, the way we operate, limited resources, time, & energy we can’t offer sponsorship for teams or individuals. 

Can you re-finish my bike to look brand new again?

Yes. We can do a complete refurbish on the frame more thoroughly than you’ll be able to do on your own by routine washing and cleaning. Contact us to schedule and send us the frame alone (it must be stripped of all components). Prices start at $300 and include a frame inspection, alignment check, new decals, and a name on the top tube. Please note that a bead blast finish cannot be refinished as a brushed finish.

Do you have demo bikes or used bikes for sale?

Sometimes! But not at the moment, this is the place to check back if something becomes available. If you’re looking for something specific feel free to reach out, let us know what it is you’re after and we’ll see what we can do to help.

How big of a tire can I fit on my bike?

If your bike was built in 2017 or later it will say the maximum tire size your frame was built around on the original CAD drawing. If you lost that or don’t have it anymore, feel free to reach out. If it’s older than that, the best way to determine maximum tire clearance is take some measurements by hand, make your best estimate and then try the tires on to see if they fit. Keep in mind different rims have an effect on how wide a tire measures, and could be more or less than what it reads on the tire label. Always make sure whatever tire you’re trying on is approved for your rims. Check the rim manufacturer website and/or the tire website if you’re not sure.

Can you add disc brake mounts on my older rim brake Bingham Built or Eriksen Bike?

Yes, but it usually gets complicated. It probably won’t accomplish what you have in mind. It won’t allow for greater tire clearance, you’ll need a new fork that is compatible with your headtube, new brakes/shifters, new wheels, and probably other drivertrain parts depending on what you currently have and compatibility. Please note that it’s extremely difficult to source road and gravel disc forks compatible with the older smaller diameter headtubes. If your bike is 6+ years old, chances are you have the smaller 1 1/8” diameter head tube. The new fork will also need to have the correct rake/offset to work well with your bike. Bottom line is that it’s possible but usually not as simple as it seems and probably more trouble than it’s worth.

Can I bring my existing Bingham Built or Eriksen in for a tune up?

Your best best bet for a tune up is to schedule an appointment with a local bike shop. Local bike shops and bicycle maintenance shops are set up for tune ups, whereas we’re set up for manufacturing and building new bikes and may not have the proper cleaning or maintenance tools to complete a thorough tune up. 

Do you make E-bikes or pedal assist bikes?


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