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Bingham Built Bikes are sold directly to our customers. This ensures you get exactly what you wished for and guarantees one to one premium service. Each frame is unique, customized by hand in it’s geometry, design, and components.

The first step is to contact us and tell us your specific needs and desires. From there, we’ll send you a fit form and may ask for previous bicycle measurements. Brad will create a drawing using our design software. He will discuss the drawing with you and when you agree on the final design, you’ll send a $1500 deposit and we’ll get started.

Contact Us to Get Started

“The team at Bingham Built is incredibly skilled at what they do, the absolute best in the business in fact. That’s obvious with every single bike that leaves the shop. What maybe isn’t so obvious to the casual observer is the amount of heart and soul that goes into creating each of those bikes. From concept to finished product their commitment to detail, ability and willingness to think outside the box and the investment in not only the bikes they create but the people who ride them is second to none!”

Kellie Nelson, Steamboat Springs