Depending on how we packed your bike for shipping, assembly may include installing handlebars, seatpost, wheels, pedals, rear derailleur or brake rotors. Make sure you empty the box thoroughly and check all nooks and crannies before you get rid of it, there may be a smaller box or items that sunk to the bottom or shifted around during shipment. These YouTube videos are great resources for a detailed guide on how to put together a brand new bike. Your bike will be different from the bikes in the videos but the same general principles apply. You can also go to and search for ‘How to assemble a new bike’ and either of these will come up.

All maintenance is best done through a local bike shop or yourself if you have the tools and feel mechanically inclined to do the work necessary to take good care of your bike. If you don’t have a local bike shop you go to regularly, you should definitely find one and try to stick to the same shop in an effort to build the best relationship possible. Bike maintenance is similar to vehicle maintenance in the sense that you keep your vehicle running smoothly by keeping up with routine maintenance. Routine maintenance on your bike is needed more frequently than a car. How frequently? It depends on how much you ride, and you’ll learn to be the best judge of that as you put in the miles/kms. Here are some great references on simple bike maintenance practices:

The beauty of owning a titanium frame is that it doesn’t take much to keep it looking great and it’s easy to clean without damaging or corroding the frame. We recommend a mild soap and warm water a few times a season, or after a wet or muddy ride. Thoroughly dry the frame with a soft towel after you wash it. To achieve a shinier look, apply a bike wax or furniture polish (we use Lemon Pledge®), let sit a few minutes and then wipe off with a soft towel. On a brushed finish only (not bead blasted) If you notice scratches, you can use a Scotch-Brite™ 7447 hand pad to remove small surface scratches. Gently buff the scratched area in a motion perpendicular to the tube. The area you polish with the pad will be shinier than the rest of the frame – but titanium naturally develops a patina over time resulting in a richer darker hue, so over time the shiny spot will blend in. There is character to a worn aesthetic too, it’s not required to buff out scratches!

Tag us on social media @binghambuilt with pictures or videos of bike related content, we’d love to see you out having fun on your bike! Also feel free to post photos on our community page. We also have a Strava Club, where you can see where other Bingham Built owners are riding and how many miles we’re putting in!

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New decals, swag, and spare derailleur hangers are available for purchase on our webstore. We highly recommend having at least one spare derailleur hanger. Definitely carry one with you on long unsupported rides, bikepacking trips, or traveling out of town as you won’t find these in any bike shop.


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