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We have no marketing campaigns, Bingham Built is simply about creating the best performing highest quality bikes available. High performance road bikes, traditional step-throughs, cross, gravel, commuters, hard tail, full suspension, plus, fat – Brad has done and can do it all.


Bingham Built Bikes are designed based on the specific and unique desires of our customers. We take into account riding styles, body geometry, and geometry of the customer’s current bike. No two Bingham Built Bikes are alike, they are all one of a kind. Having one is an investment you will have for a lifetime.


We bend and cut titanium tubes in all different shapes and forms to create any kind of bike you can dream up. The majority of the machining and mitering of all materials needed to build your custom bike are done in house. If it’s not done in house, we try our best to do things as close to home as possible, either in Colorado or a few states away.


Welding is one of Brad’s specialties. Throughout his years building bikes, his welds have won numerous awards. You can be assured in knowing that your custom Bingham Built bike will be welded by one of the most talented welders around.


We build complete bikes or just the frame or any combination our customers prefer. We can order any component group and all the building will be done in house. Basically, we can do anything you wish and are happy to work with you to make the entire process of creating a custom Bingham Built bike enjoyable and easy.

Ordering Information and Details

“First off, through my 10 years as a professional cyclist i have never had a custom bicycle frame. Creating my Titanium BUILT is an experience I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a custom bicycle, or any bicycle really. Brad was super fun to work with and together we designed an incredible machine! When I jumped on it for my first initial ride, immediately i thought ‘This feels like MY bike!’ It fit like a glove and I had not even adjusted my seat height yet. It gave me the feeling of joy and freedom when I was kid riding around town on my bmx bike…”

Bjorn Selander