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2024 Riding Season

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, we wish everyone an awesome transition from winter into riding season – and a nice opposite transition for the southern hemisphere folks! Feel free to send us your riding shots or upload them to our community page. Also, you can join our Strava Club to see where/what everyone is riding – if you’re into that kind of thing.

Sweetpost Updates

Over the years many clients have expressed interest in a carbon rail compatible Sweetpost. Well good news – Brad’s dedication and R&D efforts to meet this demand have finally come to fruition! You can buy the new carbon rail compatible hardware kit and run it with your existing Bingham Built Sweetpost or purchase a new Sweetpost with the carbon rail hardware included. It has the same functionality as the original Bingham Built Sweetpost – you can see details about it on our extremely Pro Youtube Channel here or read about it on our Webstore here. It is pricey, we know. Sorry about that. So was the R&D that went into it, and so are the USA made custom 3D printed and machined parts. If you have questions about this or want to know more about the cost or process to make it, feel free to reach out.

UDH Compatible Dropouts

If you’re unsure what a UDH compatible dropout is (or a UDH) you can read about it here. Will UDH dropouts become a standard? Some industry leaders think so, and we feel the pull in that direction. It can be tough on a small business to keep up with evolving standards in timely fashion, but I can say with certainty that Brad loves a good challenge. So yes, UDH compatible dropouts are now an option on new Bingham Built frames.

Lead Time Update

We’re about four months out for complete builds right now. It’s a wonderful time to be in the market for a custom bike. Reach out if you’re interested.


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