Kent Eriksen Seatpost – Layback

///Kent Eriksen Seatpost – Layback

Kent Eriksen Seatpost – Layback


Around the shop, we call it “The Sweetpost”. Kent has designed a simple, elegant and strong seatpost using the superior strength of titanium, all while keeping it light (sub 175 g at 250 mm). Simple hardware, clean lines and your choice of colors makes this post an easy addition to any frame. The best part about it is the side access hardware, blood never goes to your head trying to change or adjust a saddle.

Note: If a seatpost color is not available in the drop down, it is back ordered! You can check back with us in 2-3 weeks or chose another color

Another Note: We also have Seatposts that will accommodate a Shimano Di2 Battery. It is an added $75.00 charge. Please call to purchase.

For international orders please call or email: 970-879-8484 /





Installing the “Sweetpost”

To determine the length seatpost you will need, measure from your seatclamp (where your seatpost enters your frame) to the rails of your current saddle and add 7cm (7cm is our minimum insertion line). If you are close we recommend going up one size.

All posts, 27.2 and 30.9 diameters come in the following lengths: 250, 300, 360 and 400 mm. Posts can be ordered either straight or layback ( 20 mm actual layback)

Seatpost hardware colors: Red, blue, green, pewter, black, orange, brown, and pink.

Custom layback and/or length posts can be made for an additional $25. WE WILL NOT WARRANTY POSTS LONGER THAN 400 mm or OVER 20 mm OF LAYBACK.

All seatposts are made-to-order and typically ship within 7 days of order placement. During the busy season (Spring/Summer) expect delivery times to increase up to 2 weeks as we try to keep up with demand.

If you have further questions about the seatposts please email us at If you would like to place an order, please use our online store.

Saddle Requirements 
Our seatpost hardware fits traditional, round style, 7 mm diameter saddle rails. This accommodates about 90% of the saddles on the market. Please note, some rails are tighter to mount into the hardware than others.

Our seatpost hardware does not fit oversized, non-round rails or carbon rails

Mounting the saddle on the seat post: Slide the seat into the hardware from the rear, not over the top. Tighten the bolt, ensuring the threads are lined up. Torque meter recommendation is 12-15 Newton meters and/or 8-11 foot pounds.

Seatpost weights in general, fully assembled are as follows (layback/setback and straight) 250=174g 300= 194 g 360=217 400=233g

Please email us at if you have any questions or problems with your seatpost.


Additional information

Seatpost Color

Black, Blue, Pewter, Pink, Red, Orange, Green

Seatpost Size

250mm, 300mm, 360mm, 400mm


27.2 (20mm), 30.9 (20mm)