Bingham Built Sweetpost Hardware Kit for 7x9mm Carbon Rail Saddles


You can now run your carbon rail saddle on the Sweetpost! Maintaining all the same functionality of the Bingham Built Sweetpost, the new hardware will accommodate a saddle with 7x9mm oval carbon rails. The kit includes 3D printed titanium caps, inner plugs, inner bolt, and outer bolts and washers.
Please be aware this hardware kit does not work with the older Kent Eriksen Sweetpost, it’s only for the Bingham Built edition. If you need to purchase a Bingham Built Sweetpost, you can purchase it with the carbon rail hardware kit included here.
Torque Specs are the same as the original Bingham Built Sweetpost hardware:
Inner bolt for rotational adjustments: 12nm
Outer bolts for fore/aft adjustments: 5.5nm

For international orders please email:

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This Hardware Kit is only compatible with the Bingham Built Sweetpost, not the older Kent Eriksen Sweetpost.
There are some carbon rail saddles out there that do NOT have standard 7x9mm oval rails and this hardware will NOT be compatible with those. You can check your saddle manufacturers website for the specs/details. Just make sure the specs say 7x9mm rails. Anything else like 7.1x9mm or 7x10mm will not work. Also, anything that has metal reinforcements on the rail like some versions of the Selle SMP FC will not work. Bottom line is that is has to have standard carbon rails in a 7x9mm oval shape, with nothing wrapped around the rail (like some older Fizik saddles have). Email us if you have questions or if you're not sure about your saddle.

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