Technical Difficulties and Building Back Better


I wasn’t going to share this, but ultimately decided to go ahead and do so since our clients and readers are Rockstars and may be able to help us out! Long story short, some of our digital assets took a hit during a recent IT and domain update/project, resulting in the complete loss of our Google Business Profile, all our 5-star Google reviews, and the YouTube channel and content. To add to the irony, this happened right after we sent out a newsletter asking for more Google Reviews 🤦‍♂️ Our website and webstore were also down for a few days, but we didn’t notice because we were on vacation. Thanks to Zirkel Designs for getting that up and running with no drama, and for supporting us through the loss. So no, we did not go out of business, just facing a few technical difficulties!

Lessons Learned
1.) Protect digital assets: Google Business Profiles and Youtube channels are both very valuable and vulnerable, especially when you have all 5 star reviews.
2.) Importance of research: Do the research regarding potential consequences when working with domains or any IT work for that matter.
3.) Expertise matters: The importance of hiring experienced professionals for critical IT tasks is crucial to safe guarding an online presence and digital assets.

Moving Forward and Building Back Better
Building bikes has always been our main focus and source of enjoyment, not so much the marketing and online content realm, but we are committed to rebuilding and enhancing our online presence better this time around. We don’t use a marketing firm or have sales people so it might take a little while but guaranteed it will be straight from the source and real. Be on the look out for more content to come.

We want to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to anyone who left a Google Review, Youtube comment, or subscribed to the Youtube channel prior to this snafu and we are terribly sorry that it vanished into an unknown dimension of the internet. We are doing our best to get the Youtube videos back, still not sure if it will be possible. We’re also trying our hand at contacting human support at Google, but that seems about as easy as catching a Unicorn in your backyard, so doubtful we will recover our 5 star Google reviews. If you’d like to support us (again) while we rebuild, you can leave a Google Review Here or Subscribe to our (new) Youtube channel Here.

The new Youtube channel and the Sweetpost videos subsequently have new URLs, so if you have one of those Sweetpost Info cards, the QR code will not work. The one below will work, also here is the direct link to our new channel.

Bike Content to Come
We are planning some adventures this summer, so be on the lookout for actual Bike content in the near future!

Peace ✌️

Hannah B

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