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Learning the craft from the bottom up, it has been a long journey for Brad Bingham in the hand built bike industry. An inherent interest in bikes and design led to the creation of his first frame in his garage in Newberg, Oregon in 1996. With a desire to learn the art of bike building, he enrolled at The United Bicycle Institute where he learned about the use of titanium.


Brad moved to Steamboat Springs CO in 1997, where he spent 15 years at Moots Cycles and 5 years at Kent Eriksen Cycles. Throughout his 20’s and 30’s he gained the experience and knowledge needed to manifest his dream of being an independent bike builder.


Brad’s passion for bicycles extends far beyond the design, welding, and build process. He is an avid cyclist and has competed in many races across multiple disciplines. He enjoys the camaraderie and spirit of all types of events whether they are competitive or not. He races at the elite level in mountain biking, is a regular at many front range cyclocross events, and has also had some impressive fat bike race results. He also partakes in many non-race style events like Gran Fondos, social rides, and group rides. Gravel bike packing has been a recent hobby since there are so many different routes and options in and around our home of Steamboat Springs, CO. The joy and sense of well-being brought by designing, creating, and riding bicycles has become a way of life for Brad and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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